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Home Health Sales and Marketing Representative

Killeen, TX
 The business development liaison is responsible for developing new referral sources, maintaining those relationships and consistently promoting our agency. The liaison is also responsible for implementing the sales/marketing plan that will meet or exceed the company’s overall business plan, census goals and financial objectives.
  1. Attend weekly marketing meetings. 
  2. Develop and implement sales/marketing plan for all company product/service offerings, consistent with market analysis, reflecting referral source targets.
  3. Responsible for census development through the implementation of external and internal sales and marketing programs with both existing and new accounts.
  4. Identify and recommend development of new product/service/niche markets & offerings as well as current product/service enhancements.
  5. Ensure that administration maintain up to-date key account records including background, contact history, objectives, referral trends, etc.
  6. Review records to ensure that Account Executives are properly managing resources, including their time.
  7. Ability to develop an adequate knowledge of State, Federal and other regulatory requirements related to the facility.
  8. Maintain up-to-date information, as needed, on specifically assigned competitors including pricing, census, product information, and marketing strategies.
  9. Report progress versus goals and census development barriers to the Director of Marketing.
  10. Perform sales calls with Director of Marketing on monthly PRN basis.
  11. Contact key physicians and other health care representatives on a regular basis.
  12. Participate in short- and long-range planning for the agency and implements specific measures for agency growth. 
  13. Increase market share through education of physicians and other community and referral sources.
  14. Work with other agencies and promotes good community relations through involvement in community events.
  1. An Associate’s/Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred. A minimum degree of high school diploma or high school equivalent with 5+ years’ experience working in related field and position. 
  2. Experience as Business Development Liaison/Marketer in related field or company.
  3. Ability to utilize both local and corporate resources in the execution of job responsibilities.
  4. Ability to market and deal tactfully with customers and the community. 
  5. Must be a licensed driver with an automobile that is insured in accordance with state and/or Organization requirements and is in good working order. 
  6. Knowledge of Microsoft Suite and Google Docs. 
  7. Knowledge of CRM and EMR software. 
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